Sunday, 3 April 2011

My thoughts on Singapore Kindness Movement

The following is an excerpt from a comment that has caught my attention:

John’s comment as posted on according2ed’s site

“....It seems that neither the Courtesy Campaign nor the singapore kindness movement is taking any effects in singapore. The fact that there is a need to put in place a kindness movement to call the people (which consists mostly chinese) to become a more caring and gracious society says a lot about the chinese. You can give the chinese education but you can’t educate the chinese!...” - ''Singaporeans' are rude, arrogant, filthy'

Here’s my response and additional thoughts to that article:

When you have a nation that always has a chinese majority and actively promotes the chinese culture, and elevates the chinese culture over all others, it is no surprising that the government has to introduce the singapore kindness movement to ‘fix’ the issues that it has created. The government, over a few decades, has taught the chinese to identify themselves as the preferred race in singapore, and through the self-absorption, the chinese are concerned only with their own interests.

One alternative solution is the promotion of multiculturalism in singapore. It will contribute to the way a person looks at things, enhance empathy, vibrancy and passion. One should not mistake the present singapore culture for the culture of all singaporeans as this is the culture that is left over after the chinese culture is elevated and promoted over all others. Monoculturalism gives rise to self-absorption and narrow-mindedness. Try to be less ‘chinese’ and more ‘singaporean’ - become the best of all cultures.

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