Sunday, 24 April 2011

Is Malay truly singapore national language?

The following was placed as a brief comment beneath the article, ‘Using foreign teaching methods to teach Malay?’ source

‘Without the influx of the foreign talents, singapore is already a different country. Over the past decades, the vibrancy of a diverse, multicultural country has been replaced by a chinese fascist, legalist state. With the elevation of chinese culture over the minorities, speak mandarin campaign, SAP schools for the chinese, celebrations of chinese festivities, HBD quotas to control the races,etc, etc, etc, it is very clear that the chinese has ruled this small island, taking over the Malays who are the rightful owners in this island.’

In the article by Dr Wong Wee Nam, all these talks about how the stature of the Malay language is not going to be the same whether to teach Malay as a foreign language or the use of foreign teaching methods, is not critical. The teaching methods though important, the recognitions and opportunities rendered to the Malays are KEY. This allows the Malays to know that they have equal opportunities as the chinese which is not the case today.

Why would the Malays be motivated to learn the Malay language, when the chinese TV programs are getting all the hypes, the only programs you see on TV in coffee-shops are chinese, when one could hardly see Malay stalls in coffee-shops, just in the selected few, and the important or key job positions in companies are filled in by the chinese. And yet, we have the cheek to claim Malay as our National Language. Just as what Dr Wong pointed out, ‘In the old days, Malay was the communication link between the races in Singapore.’ When we cease to give equal recognition and opportunity to other races and promote only one race (chinese), the other races are forced to be assimilated into the chinese culture (over the past few decades). Do you blame the Malays when they are less fluency in their own language?

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  1. Yes! Even for the General Elections,in the GRC areas they have such things as Minority Forms to be filled by aspiring Minority Race politicians, who are citizens of Singapore. I find this appalling and ridiculous ! Why is it the Ethnic Chinese politicians running for elections, don't have to fill any forms to confirm that they are Ethnic Chinese by race ? I wonder !