Sunday, 17 April 2011

In response to BBC:Gay couple 'removed from Soho pub for kissing'

'A man has told of how he was ordered to leave a central London pub after a staff member objected to him kissing a man he was on a date with.' bbc

Whether someone is homosexual or heterosexual, their rights are as important as yours and that include showing public displays of affection provided that they are not having sex in public. Why should gay people have to be extra alert to people’s sensitivity to engage in behaviour that is acceptable for heterosexuals?

In today’s society, we need to be more acceptance on each other’s sexual orientation. There are still so many people who are living as second class citizens in our society just because they are different in race, religion, etc. It’s still good to see the public had responded to support this couple at Soho pub on the 16th, just two days after the incident. Source bbc

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