Sunday, 20 March 2011

In response to an article by according2ed - Jap earthquake: the emperor, the elite, and the 'charitable'

It’s an undeniable fact that quite a few industries have benefit from disasters. That’s where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Shouldn’t the donations be coming from these industries and the rich since they are profiting from the situation. Why should the working people be charitable? The Japan government should be providing jets to get the people out of the affected areas. Why is the rich the ones who get the first chance to survival? That is the issue when you are in a capitalist world! That is the problem when you have hierarchy in the society! I totally agree with you that ‘creating a truly egalitarian society’ is the solution to the problem.

Have they tried to address the root cause? For instance, Wiki leaks has just revealed that the IAEA had warned the Jap elite more than 2 years ago that “its nuclear power plants were not capable of withstanding powerful earthquakes [telegraph]. Why aren’t the Jap elite be held accountable for this disaster and donate their wealth?

It is an interesting thought that in such disasters, it allows people to practise being kind where such kindness is actually supporting a greater evil. If you think deeper, it is true. The opportunity to donate to a famous disaster is the way people tell themselves they have done enough.

Ending my comment with a great quote from Ed – ‘The Root of all evils find its incubatory refuge in all that is perceived to be good’