Sunday, 17 October 2010

Thoughts on an article - "Don't Get Burnt" by illegal cigarettes

'As part of a campaign to drive home the anti-illegal cigarette message, Singapore Customs has launched a new round of 25 roadshows, five times more than last year.' source - CNA

Why do we need such campaign?
Are there safer options to traditional cigarettes?

This anti-illegal cigs campaign could be deemed as an act to safeguard the government’s profits. Why are cigs so costly in singapore and one reason given was to deter more people from smoking cigs. If that is truly effective, the cost of cigs will not be increased time and again. It is precisely the high cost of cigs that is driving the smokers to look for cheaper sources. Should the people now ask the government to look at and address the true problem?

I am not a smoker and certainly do not promote smoking but I do ask are there other safer options than smoking traditional cigarettes. Are e-cigarettes safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes? I do understand that traditional cigarettes have about 4000+ chemicals and carcinogens as opposed to e-cigs that do not have them. Sure, e-cigs is not as safe as not smoking altogether but we need to consider if they are safer than traditional cigs. Here’s an article by Ed on the Compilation of net critique of e-cig ban.

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