Sunday, 24 October 2010

Are you angry at social injustice and inequity? in singapore?

When I saw this post on TOC (the workshops for “Rights and Responsibilities” organised by Maruah), my first thought was the only rights and responsibilities we have seen in singapore are the “rights” of the government telling the people what they can and cannot do, and the “responsibilities” of the people to take care/fend for themselves when they grow old, despite the amount of taxes they have paid and the amount of revenues/profits that they help singapore to generate.

“All of us have something we care about – be it poverty, environment, health issues, financial protection or education”. The concerns listed are just different category of issues. Have the wrong doings done to the minorities in the past decades been highlighted and rectified? How little has been said by this group about the inequality treatment of the minority races that perpetuated and still perpetuates in singapore. They have not been making progress in the past decade to address the issues/consequences brought about by the chinese-centric policy of singapore. It is not what Maruah say, also what they fail to say.

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